My Review of the Google Home Mini

My Review of the Google Home Mini

I recently saw on TikTok a video stating that Google and Spotify teamed up and were giving away free Google Home Minis to 

anyone who currently had Spotify Premium. I decided to see if it was true because who doesn’t love free stuff? I googled “free google home mini with Spotify Premium” and up popped the link that took me to the page to order my own. I’ve had Spotify Premium for a while and thought it was really cool that my monthly payment of $5 a month (I joined when the Hulu bundle was available) got me a $50 electronic for free. 

 After filling out all my information, I got to pick my Home Mini and its color. I went with the black option since my brother already had one in white. The shipping and handling time were an estimated 2 weeks. Mine arrived in about a week and a half. The packaging was really clean and modern. The setup was really simple. All you had to do was connect the cable to the Home and plug it into an outlet and download the Google Home app to set the Mini up. With this device you can ask any question to the Google Assistant, hands free when you wake it by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” and follow with any question or request. You can also set up schedules, reminders, alarms, ask about the daily news, or make calls. I use mine a lot by casting my music from Spotify through the speaker for it to play in the background or playing Song Quiz when I’m bored. The device is also compatible with other Google devices, Nest appliances, smart light bulbs, and many other tech savvy devices.

The only two problems I have ran into using the Mini for two weeks now is, my phone and Mini sometimes respond at the same time when I say “Hey Google” which is annoying when both respond the exact same way. I have searched for ways to troubleshoot this and many sites have said that it has been fixed previously. There is a way to fix it through your settings, but it has still not worked for me. Lots of other people lately have seemed to have the same issue. The second issue I have with this device is since it must be connected to the internet, when I cast music, a notification pops up onto everyone’s phone in the house who is also connected to the internet. Now this might not seem like too big a deal but when your little sister likes to mess with you and pause and un-pause your music from all the way upstairs it can be annoying. 

Overall, this is a great device and I am still learning more about it and all that it is capable of. If you have a Spotify Premium membership and looking to get your own for free, I’m sorry to say but you are just a second to late as this offer ended on 11/15/19. But… Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and most likely you can snag a good deal on the Google Home Mini.