The CCHS Basketball Team Is Having A Designing Contest For Their Warm Ups & Shooting Shirts


Carbondale Community High Basketball Team is having a huge  designing contest for the warm up and shooting shirts that they will be wearing before every basketball game. CCHS has been trying to go all out this year for the basketball team due to Head Coach Nailon Raising money for his team to get new gear and accessories. 

The team has gradually accomplished some of these goals from raising money from selling food that Coach Nailons Wife has cooked for the community. 

Carbondale Basketball Team has raised enough money for New Jerseys, New Backpacks, Travel Gear, and New Basketball shoes 

With this contest, Coach Nailon wants to leave it up to the Students of CCHS.

“I just want these kids to feel like there a part of team,“ Nailon said. 

The Contest for the design of the shooting shirts for the Boys Basketball  Team will end on this upcoming Friday, October 28th. 

The winner of contest design will be ordered and created and the Carbondale Basketball Team will wear them their first game, November 22nd in Roxanna, IL. 

The Winner of the Contest also will be announced on the morning announcements. With that being said, Best of Luck to the contestants and we shall see the winner soon!