Puppy Party!


Yara M Hindi

Students are in need of a good stress reliever. We all have different coping mechanisms when dealing with stress, but why not have a little friend to help you get through a long day? CCHS’s interact club hosted their annual “Puppy party” on Thursday,February 20th during lunch for students and facility. Interact paired up with St.Francis Animal Care to bring a couple of puppies for students to play with for eight minutes. Students paid two dollars to spend some time with the puppies. The two dollars ( along with any other donations) went towards helping raise money for the shelter. This event not only helped raise money, but was also used as a stress-relief tactic. The interact sponsor stated “Why not spread a little joy as well”.

Interact club is known for reaching out to non-profit communities and helping to serve their community. Mrs.Jones is the sponsor of this club and says that they all do what they can to help. The club has a once a month service project.Some examples of their involvement include: coat drive, soup kitchen volunteering and high water clean up. Currently, there are twenty students participating in the club and is open for anyone to join. Helping your community is one small step into making the world a better place.

Students certainly enjoyed the puppies. “If I could take them all home, I definitely would”, Olivia Zambetta ( CCHS Senior) had said after joining the puppy party. “I needed that after a long day” Emma Dorris ( CCHS Senior) had stated. Donating money for charity and playing with puppies all in the same day really helped improve a student’s mood. We thank interact club for hosting this fun event. Contact Ms.Jones if you are interested in joining the club or volunteering at the animal shelter.