Come See James And The Giant Peach Performed Right Before Your Eyes!


James And The Giant Peach, a famous Disney movie based on a story by Roald Dahl, is soon to be performed by Carbondale Community High School theater students! It will be the school’s first musical production since COVID-19.

Dahl’s works are loved by many including the assistant play director, Mrs. Mannczynski: “As an English teacher, I love Roald Dahl’s work, and I can’t wait to bring that love to our CCHS stage.” Mrs. Mannczynski expresses her love for Roald Dahl’s and wants the audience to experience it as well.

BreAsia Prude

“My biggest hope our audience gets out of our musical is that love for live musical theater again. Since Covid, we haven’t had the opportunity to go all out with a musical, and we’re thrilled to be bringing that back!” 

Mrs. Mannczynski doesn’t want to take any time for granted after COVID-19 where theater students weren’t able to perform in 2020. Students and directors are hoping to get that time back by putting on a spectacular performance. 

The performance is expected to take place April 21st ,22nd and the 23rd at CCHS auditorium. Be sure to come see James and The giant Peach!