It’s Just A Dog, Why Is It Important?

When Covid hit in 2020 people were worried about their health and safety. Where could they go? What about their pets? We strive to provide them with a safe environment, but who’s going to take care of them? Dog owners needed someplace for their fur buddies to go so that they could keep up with the changing times of work and monstrosity that Covid brought. With the unknown lurking, Pawsitive Pet Perfection provided a safe haven for any and all furry companions. Pawsitive Pet Perfection , a facility that offers a variety of services from daycare to boarding to grooming and training.

The benefits of exercises are important when you want your dogs to have simple guidance. Mackenzie Lynn, a manager at Pawsitive Pet Perfection, tells us why she trains her dogs. Emotionally, she recalls seeing her dogs progress quickly in the training sessions. She continues on to say, “Knowing she [her dog] catches on quickly and she loves to learn makes me feel proud of myself for the dog I have raised from just six weeks old.”

 Mackenenzie has worked with many animals and seeing dogs who don’t know simple commands such as “sit” versus dogs who know so many commands to tricks. “I know it could always be better but it could always be worse; I have done all [her dog] training and we’ve grown so much together”, expressed Mackenzie. 

Many factors related to the lifestyles and getting used to physical activity. There is no way out or around it; if you are a dog parent , you have to be devoted and sometimes more than you think you ever would. Dogs can really help build strength in our health , not just for us to grow and become old. Librarian Dawn Taylor of CCHS high school shares what it means to be dog motivated

“It is easy to come home after a long day and just veg out , but with Mookie , I can’t he needs daily exercises, so that means I get daily exercise!” Exclaims Dawn Taylor. 

That’s the beauty of owning a dog , they aren’t just incredible and crazy lovable but often keeps us fueled. Most of all they bring us joy. In tender they induce in us.. By their delight and being with us , and the character they bring to playtime.

“Mookie makes life better in every way , I talk to him while we are driving places as if he understands a word I am saying and I don’t think it’s weird at all.” The best feeling is always  having emptiness fulfilled , says Dawn Taylor. 

Being a pet owner means that you are responsible for life. They bring just a meaning to life. Head boss, Pj Zestrila at Pawsitive Pet perfection described what it’s like to take care of his dogs.

“It’s not easy and they’re just like kids and what comes to my mind is responsibility”, said PJ Zeilstra.

Make sure that you include your dog , you may not be able to just take off like you would without one. We’ve all heard people say that pets are “just animals”, but they carry emotions and they have feelings too , as though most make them less important than human lives. Dog owners  will know how liability owning a pet can be like. Understand with companionship and bonds being formed between human and animals. ” you will always have something that loves you more than you love yourself” Says Dawn Taylor. The benefits of owning a pet are endless. They don’t ask for much , and most just need warmth , to be sheltered , as well as adequate food and water. Dogs will give you unconditional love and loyalty.

“I could spend all the time in the world with my doggos , come back and to them it feels like decades” A Social worker, Melinda Pierson shared. 

Having a furry friend means you’ll always have a tail wagging at the front door waiting patiently for you to come home. Owning a pet will change the way you view them in the world. Dogs are lifesavers and perfect for proving emotional support , especially when feeling lonely. They help us gain a sense of purpose. No matter how frustrating , stressed out , or how long the days have been  at this point, it all gradually disappears with kisses and soft fur.