New Addition

Carbondale Community High School is currently undergoing lots of construction. One project is the new addition to the south end of the gymnasium. The current plan is to use this space for a new wrestling room, a new weight room, and a storage room. 

Administrators have been talking about making the addition to the gym for years and now it is no longer just talk. Construction started closer to the beginning of the school year, around September, and rumor has it, we’ll be able to move into the space upon return from winter break. 

The wrestling and weightlifting rooms are currently upstairs in the gymnasium. With the growth of the wrestling team, the space works, however, it is beginning to become a tight fit for the team. The weight room on the other hand is packed full of equipment and is also structurally risky with the amount of weight dropped on the floor.

The new space almost doubles the sizes of the current wrestling and weightlifting rooms and will be on the schools main level, being more structurally sound. This will allow for more room to freely move when working out and for wrestlers, this will accommodate for the increasing number of new wrestlers. 

Although his time here at CCHS will soon come to an end, senior, Isaiah Duckworth had an interesting take on this, “ I am definitely excited for the new wrestling and weight rooms because the problem that is the first problem we’ve had in a while is that we have too many people in the wrestling room. So there’s just not enough space for everyone to go 100%, so having a bigger wrestling room would definitely help the team.” 

Teachers and administrators are also excited for the additional space. Thor, the assistant athletics director had this to say about it, “I think it will be beneficial. I think our space here at Carbondale High-School, we have what we need… We have a pretty cool facility, we have space, but we are growing and I think any time there’s construction going on, on a campus, that’s a good sign. That means you’re progressing and so I think it’s only going to enhance what we already have rather than replace what we have… ” 

With the excitement high between students and administrators, the construction company is working hard to get the project finished. This is going to be a great addition and boost the efficiency of our space usage at the school.