For Kids’ Sake Art Show


For Kids’ Sake is a non profit organization that raises money for orphans and schools in Bangladesh. The organization is based here in carbondale IL. The director is Shema Ruperto and the assistant director is Ryan Edwards. 

For Kids’ Sake will be hosting their 22nd annual Art show at the Longbranch Cafe and Bakery. 

” I have been organizing this art show for about 18 years. The first one I did, I was right out of college and it was just a few years old, this event and they asked me to take it over and I just fell in love with it. That is actually how I got exposed to “For Kids’ Sake” (FKS), in the first place”

The art will be up from May 3rd to May 21st, and features many different mediums including Stained glass, oil and acrylic paint, photography and more. 

Works have been donated locally and around the world to help raise money for orphans living in Bangladesh.

One of the nice things about this organization is that it allows kids that are more fortunate to help  other kids who have less.

“Sometimes high school students might not think they can make an impact on some of the big issues that we face in our world, but one of the really amazing things about FKS is that a little bit of effort here can go such a long way in Bangladesh. 

As a student you can help out as a volunteer, that’s actually how I got involved at FKS. Whether you’re helping distribute flyers or helping out in an event or collecting change for our bangla box program, these are all different ways that you can offer your support to the kids.” 

“When I first started the art show, it had really a handful of pieces of art. On a great year it made like two thousand dollars, and I just continued to expand it every year and involve more kids and more students until we had 180 pieces of art in the show and we were raising nearly 30,000 dollars and engaging hundreds of artists and performers and volunteers to participate.”

There will be an Artist Reception on May 21st. People will be able to meet the artists, talk over complimentary food and drink, and admire the art.