Survival of the Senior Class of 2022

CCHS Senior Class of 2022 was one of the strangest senior classes in the history of this high school.

Not a single person here could have seen what was coming back 4 years ago when we were all new and the future was unknown. No one’s predictions of high school included a worldwide pandemic stealing out Junior year, making us leave for spring break as Sophomores, and come back as Seniors. And yet here we are, in that future 4 years later, with just weeks between the end of high school and the beginning of adulthood, and we made it. Somehow, we were able to overcome all of it, and it truly made us a unique senior class.

Even with all the problems like focus, organization, and having to wear face masks for our own safety, we still thrived. From being at home doing school through a screen, to back in person, we had to adjust, and so we did. The only question left now is, how successful will we be in said adult life, and I feel Coach Butler says it best.

“Oh, absolutely. I mean, you hope so. I mean, there is nothing you can do. I don’t have a crystal ball to do it, but I think this class has a good personality and good focus [and] that it can step out and do some good things. I think, the fact is, that you’ve overcome this and that’s a good thing to go through because anything great in life worth having shouldn’t come easy. I think getting your degree was a tough thing, and now you guys have learned from it and you’re going to persevere.”