Tabletop Gaming

Carbondale Community High School, like other high schools, has clubs. Tabletop gaming is just one of many. However, it’s a rarity to see in schools. Most students when they hear the name think of Dungeons and dragons. It is true that they play D&D, but they also play a variety of other games as well. 

When asked how the student body perceived tabletop, Xander Schmitt co-president responded,

“Without a doubt, D&D has become one of our forerunners of the games we normally play, but lately we’ve implemented more of what we’re supposed to be known for. More board games, more variety. Just this past session alone we had a group Baulder’s Gate like I mentioned. D&D of course was being played. We also had other various board games being played in the area.”

They are always open to new members and want people to feel free to stop by and check it out.