Mr. Buss

Mr. Buss is a student favorite Social Studies teacher at Carbondale Community High School. He is in his 4th year of teaching. He resides in Herrin with his wife and son, and became a teacher because school is something that was always important to him as a student.

He enjoys teaching older students because he feels that it is easier to have a conversation with them, and that he can see the growth in the students as he teaches them throughout the four years they are here. At the start of every class, he and his co-teacher Mrs. Jones go over the current events, something that both him and students like to indulge in. 

Cordero Ward, who attends Mr. Buss’ third hour Civics class, appreciates Mr. Buss’ style of teaching. 

“It’s been fun, a very great experience, with his commentary, him just being funny, and it’s a great way of learning…I learned a little more, and we got to play around a little bit, so it’s a great environment.” 

One of Mr. Buss’ main challenges during the end of this school year will be preparing his A.P. students for their very important exam that gets closer and closer every day.