The Benefits Martial Arts have in our Community


(Photo taken by Samuel Han. On March 6th, Master Han overlooks students in his academy during their warm up sets to ensure a proper workout.)

Han Judo and Taekwondo is a martial arts school located in Carbondale, Illinois. The martial arts academy has been running for 20-plus years and has produced many successful athletes. The academy focuses on improving physical fitness, self-defense skills, improved mental health, better self-control/self-discipline, personal development, and confidence/social benefits. 

At the academy, you get to meet many people. Some may have no athletic ability, and some struggle with self-esteem and confidence, but in the end, you get to meet a group of hard-working students. It serves a sense of purpose to those who are in need of support and encouragement. Creating a great environment where everyone can focus on becoming successful both physically and mentally and a place where you can unlock your full potential. 

Martial arts have always been in my life, since the young age of 3. During my time doing martial arts I was able to get second place at State 2 times, and now am heading for Nationals in the summer of 2023. 

Taekwondo has taught me many skills, but one skill I am very grateful for is the strong will it has provided for me over the years. It has been an amazing sight to be able to see my personal growth from the amount of hard work I have been putting in for the sport. I also would say that it is deeply responsible for the man I am today. Martial arts have significantly helped lead me down the right path. 

Martial arts have taught me skills and talents that I use on a daily basis, from confidence in speaking to great hand-eye coordination. The benefits/possibilities you get to learn from martial arts are limitless. 

Three times National Champion in judo, Master Han (the headmaster of the academy) has focused his time on making great people with tough training. Ever since I started, Master Han has always been a supportive figure, even in the toughest times. He always says, “Martial arts can make champions with hard-work and sacrifice.” 

(Photo taken by Samuel Han. On March 8th Students from the children’s class in Han Judo and Taekwondo take a group photo after a hard workout, in the academy to congratulate the birthday of one of the instructors.)

Over the years, Master Han has created great students who have moved on to pursue their dreams. He has especially helped many students from our high school. Some honorable mentions are Luke Daly (D1 MSU wrestler), Esther Han (D1 Iowa Hawkeyes wrestler), Cameron Caffey (D1 MSU wrestler), and even Ali Reagan (a two-time silver medalist at the World Wrestling Championship)

Martial arts can seem intimidating for every starting student. Even Esther Han, a Division 1 Wrestler, admitted, “In the beginning, it was tough and hard to keep up with the hard work, but now I am extremely proud of how far I’ve been able to climb due to the great training environment”. 

I can completely agree on the overwhelming amount of benefits martial arts can provide to your life. Martial arts can bring greatness into the community by promoting self-confidence, discipline, respect, physical fitness, self-defense, and leadership. These qualities can inspire individuals to become positive influences in their communities and make a lasting impact on the world around them.