SIU Homecoming Parade!

SIU Homecoming Parade!

Jahzara Jackson

Every year SIU has a homecoming parade which is really fun and enjoyable to go to.

SIU has this big parade for homecoming where multiple schools like CCHS are in the parade whether you are playing in the band, dancing, cheering, etc. It’s really fun to watch and even better to be in. I just so happen to be in it with the rest of the dance team and I can say we all enjoyed it for sure.

The people that participate in the parade give you candy and bead necklaces, I personally love receiving them when I watch the parade. You also get to meet new people there. The crowd was amazing with all the cheering and smiles from everybody. 

“I loved watching the bands because I love music the whole thing just amazes”~Patricia Langguth

Being a part of the parade was a great experience for me because I was around my favorite team (CCHS Dance Team),if  I had an option to do it all over again . It was really fun and I can also say it was a good memory to have during my 12th grade year in high school.