Carbondale Mall of 2022!


Current designated area of the food court TODAY!

Carbondale  mall is crashing down!  Carbondale University  Mall was a part of my childhood and memories. As the years passed, it started coming down  one by one. 

It all started in 2020 when the pandemic (Covid-19) came out. Stores were losing business because no one could leave to do any shopping so a lot of online shopping began. When that happened Macey’s was the first store to get closed down, A couple months later JC Penny was next which was 2 of the main biggest stores carbondale had then little stores like Pink, Justice, Gloria Jeans, etc. 

Did you know Walmart actually bought out Justice ‘s brand  around 2020 and also justice was in very high debt  in struggling years. Recently announced  Bed Bath and Beyond will be closing  in 2023, and  leaving 

University Mall food court in 2004 (Katya )

Carbondale University Mall. It makes me feel really sad because the mall is all we really had and Now it’s just leaving. 

“Knowing and seeing the Mall closing down makes me sad, It was a part of my childhood and the link spot” says Janelle. I agree, the mall gave us opportunities to meet new people and make new friends and it was a great social and safe environment.