Is Homecoming Worth the Money?

Homecoming has its ups and downs. The main point being 15$ just to go plus expenses for clothes and masks. Now, I went to Homecoming, so I can’t really say much on the worthiness of it – but coming from a lower middle class family I can say that’s expensive.

I had a great time at Homecoming. They had drinks, photo booths, and, of course, dancing. Being there was a great time, dancing, talking, and making memories. So, if I feel this way, what are some of the downsides to Homecoming?

Well, Senior Andrew Schafer has some things to say for that side: “It’s your life. Do what you want.” 

He wanted to get across although he doesn’t like groups, photos, or dancing, he feels that it is the person’s decision to go or not. Money-wise, he feels it is a little on the expensive side, saying, ”They could lower it by $5.” 

Andrew feels he’d rather hangout, play games, eat food, and generally have fun with friends at the house rather than a place that is also surrounded by strangers.

After hearing Andrew’s interview, I would still have a positive outlook on Homecoming; however, I do feel and at the end of the day, it’s your life/your money do as you like.

CCHS Senior Andrew Schafer (Zachary Finstad)