How to become a good tennis player

How to become a good tennis player

Tyler Sherrill

Here are a few tricks I have learned over the years that have raised my skill level to an elite Southern Illinois tennis player.

Step 1. Never take your eye off the ball

This first step is by far the most important. If you don’t watch the ball as you hit it you risk turning your head faster than your body, which will most likely cause you to either have less control of the ball or whiff on the ball completely.

Step 2. Hand up and chin up on the serve

If you have a good serve, it’s like free points for you. It’s basically like a free throw in basketball. This can help you with that killer serve you want. Keeping your hand and chin up as you serve insures that the ball will not hit the net, but it still may go long if you don’t snap your wrist down has you hit the ball.

Step 3. Bend you knees

When you get hit the ball your going to have to adjust and bend your knees. That way you can stay level to the ball as you raise up and hit it in one fluid motion. Doing this will help you develop top spin and increase the speed and pace of your ball.

With these steps you can become the tennis player I know your meant to be. Please reply in the comment section if these steps worked for you or you have anymore important steps that I missed.