Top 5 things You will Struggle with Senior Year

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Believe it or not, Senior year is more of a struggle than most people realize. Here are five things you’ll likely struggle with during your senior year of high school.


Obviously; everyone no matter what will struggle with sleep at some point but sleep starts to hit you hard senior year. Most high school seniors barely get 5-7 hours of sleep. The amount you need however is at the least 9 hours. I guess it just goes to show that we all could use a little more sleep.


Your grades will struggle or even take a hit depending on the classes you take so make sure to keep on top of them in your senior year!

Uncertainty about the future,

In senior year you start to realize that your high school days are coming to an end, so you have to worry more about after high school. What plans do you have? How much money will you make? Do plan to stay in Illinois or move away? Those are the usual questions that might pop into any senior’s heads.


Granted, you have already at least started thinking about college your sophomore year. College is a big struggle for seniors, whether they have to talk about payment plans to when they are deciding what college to apply to, College is always in the back of every seniors minds.


Whether you’re in your locker, or looking through your backpack, keeping yourself organized senior year will be hard. Mainly because of all the classes you might taking. Back in first semester it seemed easy to find your work, now heading into 4th quarter you’re missing things left and right, cant find a certain study guide or a piece of paper your teacher handed out 2 weeks ago, what ever the case organization will be your biggest ally when is comes to surviving your senior year of high school.