The Amazing Spiderman 2 is….Amazing

The Amazing Spiderman 2 is....Amazing

Ian Garvey, Content Cop

The Amazing Spiderman 2 is one of the best examples of what to look for in a movie today. The movie, which premiered on May 2nd of 2014, was directed by one of cinematography’s best, the one and only Marc Webb (to see an example of his directing, look here:

The first aspect Webb brings to the table in this film are some great shots. The shots feature Spiderman web-slinging around New York, and perfectly capture the many battles he has. They are timed perfectly so that you won’t lose interest in what is going on, and offer a wide variety of colors and images.

Scenes featuring Electro especially stood out to me, as the vibrant blues and whites looked amazing on the big screen. Webb also utilized prospective shots, which show an amazing first person perspective of what Spiderman sees while traveling around the city. This adds another element that I have certainly never thought of, or seen in another film.

The second great aspect of this film are the villains. My favorite villain, Electro, has some of the greatest backstory, with scenes going in depth with his transformation. The movie gives the audience just enough backstory into Electro’s character that you can really feel his pain and emotion. One scene that stood out to me was how the gap in Electro’s two front teeth closed when he was transforming. This demonstrates how all of Electro’s previous imperfections are fixed when he becomes the electric monster we know and love. This attention to detail showed me just how dedicated everyone working on this film was.

The Green Goblin is another great villain in the film. The film makes you care deeply for Harry Osborn (Green Goblin’s identity before transforming), and really does a fantastic job illustrating how well Peter Parker and Harry get along before Harry turns. You can feel the pain that spider man feels when he is fighting one of his best friends.

The third aspect that rounds off this film is the music. Hans Zimmer, director of music in films such as The Dark Knight, teamed up with Pharrell Williams to write some of the best music that I have ever listened to in a film. The music surrounding scenes with Electro in particular are great, featuring voices underneath an electric beat. This offers an inner-dialogue into the mind of Electro. Other random scenes throughout the movie, like Peter doing research to the catchy song Gone Gone Gone, illustrate the great choices this movie made in terms of song selection. Each song really complements the scene it is with, and makes the movie more diverse and fun to watch.

Overall, this film has some of the greatest villains, story, and music I have ever seen paired together in a major motion-picture. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of cinematography, or is trying to find a movie to serve as a guide to making a film of their own. My rating for this film, based on all of the above, is a 9 out of 10.