The type of cat brush you need for your cat

India Blackman

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Cats can sometimes difficult especially while grooming. Here are some simple ways  to make your feline family the most comfortable. My kitten Caillou is cat with mid length fur so he pretty difficult to calm down and to groom. I spent hours researching how to get him comfortable and to keep his coat shiny. Luckily I found that the dual side brush work beast for him and me.

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To get started, place your cat on a clear and clean flat surface. Make sure it is calm and comfortable, if not try giving it a treat and petting it to head to tail.

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For short hair and mid length hair cats you want to use a dual side-brush. The wire side is for understanding and works great for a back scratcher while the brush gets the hair off the cat. After brushing to head to tail get soft towel and gentle remove the unwanted hair.

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Long hair cats with wavy hair can be really difficult to groom. It takes longer to clean up their mess and to get out tangles. A good product to use is a grooming glove. It work well with long haired pets and makes it a comfortable experience but make sure your aren’t putting to much pressure into the glove. If your cat hasn’t been groomed in a while use a mat breaker first to get rid of any major knot and matted hair.

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Regular long hair cats needs a wire brush and the animal hair mittens also work. Brushing your cat with a soft bristle brush keep it coat shiny and soft. Make sure you also clean the gunk out of your cats eye. The build up get especially bad in long hairs eyes.

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Our last but not least hair type is the no hair. Despite having no hair on their bodies hairless cats still need a lot of maintenance. Hairless cats have sensitive skin and can get sunburns apply the recommended amount of sun screen on the bottle. In colder weather put a sweater on your cat because the can’t maintain heat like regular cats.

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Have a good time with your paw pals and stay warm.