The Best Option for P.E. Class


Most high school students are not the happiest when they have to take Physical Education classes. Some students use band or sports to skip the process, but a large majority of people do not have any other choice but to take P.E.

There are a few options when choosing a P.E. class. Carbondale Community High School offers Team Sports, Personal Fitness, Strength Training, and Adventure Education classes. Surprisingly, there are quite a few options when making a decision and there are many things to consider.

Team Sports is one of the most popular choices for high school students, which is surprising due to the fact that it is also the weakest choice. It is set up like a middle school P.E. class where students team together and play sports and games. Although it might not sound like the worst thing, being cooped up with a bunch of sweaty, competitive peers is not the most attractive way to be spending your days.

Strength Training and Personal Fitness have a lot of similarities. The classes are usually smaller and more independent. Students might be participating individually or in pairs and spend time in the weight, cardio, and wrestling rooms.

Adventure Education, the final choice for a P.E. class is the most diverse and brings a lot of the good qualities of the other classes together. Classes are of good size and usually range between fifteen to twenty-five people. Adventure Ed. shines with its activities, though. Archery, juggling, roller blading, and rock climbing are just a few of the things that students participate in.

Longmei Ge, a senior taking Adventure Ed. shares her thoughts on the class: “People in Adventure Ed. are fun and because the activities are so obscure it makes me feel a lot better about failing.”

Although not all students share Longmei’s sense of humor, we all want to use our time productively. Most students who take Adventure Ed. are excited to take P.E. for the first time during high school. Mr. Hankey, the teacher who is in charge of Adventure Ed. cares about his students and helps them to enjoy their experience, making this class the best option to get your P.E. credits.