It’s on the Line


On October 19, the Carbondale Terriers took on the Anna-Jonesboro Wildcats for the boys soccer regional semi-final game. The stands were packed with fellow Terrier students along with parents. The stands were packed with excited fans, eager to win. 

Taken by brandi jones. Nathan Torres, Pedro Ramos, Alex Vanwinkle, and James (Seniors) taking a picture with the regional championship title.

Gustavo Sarmiento, a student who attended the game, said he enjoys going to these games because of the, “environment of the students and to hang out with each other and coming together as one to support our school.” 

The team played as one, with Eli Guyton scoring the first goal of the night. The Terriers won the game 2-1 and advanced to regionals. On October 22, the Terriers played against Carterville for the regional championship. The soccer team continued to pull out on top and beat Carterville for the regional championship yet again. 

It was the seniors last game of the season, a sad and emotional night. The seniors would celebrate the win with the team and the crowd. Once a Terrier, always a terrier!