The more than fine work of CCHS students

Joslyn Woods

Carbondale is hosting a Fine Arts night on May 2. This night is to allow students in the many art classes to show what they have been working on this year.

Many art classes here at CCHS will be showcasing their art to attendees. Classes like photography, sculpture, and art have their work displayed in the auditorium and halls.

Sarah Russell, a student here at CCHS is one of the many students showcasing their work at the event. Sarah takes many art classes here at CCHS including Sculpting, Photography, and Ceramics.

“The Fine Arts night is almost like a celebration and just a gallery of student work that happens from this year. Anything that students have done through school classes or on their own that they want to others, their parents and other teachers, and just get out there. It’s really just a way to be like, look at others, like your peers’ art and be like, that’s amazing.”

“Fine Arts night is important to me because it is a way for me to get my art out there to people that wouldn’t see it and just be like this is what i’ve worked really hard on this past year.”

“I’m just excited to see how everyone’s reactions to each other’s art.”