Saluki-Con 2023, Fun for Everyone

Amaya Reyes

From April 23rd through 24th, Southern Illinois University holds a yearly convention to showcase local artists, bakers, and cosplayers in the community. This event allows community members to gather for something they love to do, be themselves with others.

Vendors from all over the Southern Illinois region gather to sell their wares. Everything from dice and figurines to soap and hand-made stickers. Cosplayers, those in costume, show off their work from the highly detailed to the simplest of designs. The venue is small but shows a great deal of community and creativity the area has to offer.

“I really liked it,” Says Layal Ortiz, a student attending SIU. “I was here for the art… the entire year I wanted to go look at the pretty art. There were a bunch of cute vendors, a bunch of really nice art there, and I spent a lot of money, but I had a lot of fun.”

Every year this event is held, the more people stand in awe at the creations on the tables beside them. With Eclipse-Con next year, who knows what Southern Illinois University has to offer for 2024.