Sports benefit students in many great ways


Elsie Hutchinson is getting in her stance to practice long jump at track practice.

Phoenix Richard

Phoenix Richard



16 March 2023

Sports benefit student athletes in many great ways

Being an athlete is beneficial to students in high school. One major reason is that students in high school will stay healthy and will learn how to take care of their body. Students also will have a coach that can help them learn how to be a responsible athlete. Three benefits of being an athlete are values, community, and life skills.

Brock bowlby the CCHS football quarterback is bench pressing in class.

Playing sports can benefit you by teaching good values and how to apply them to your everyday life.  They teach you how to be dedicated to something. This means that your teammates and your coach help you stick with it for the whole season. Another value that sports teaches you is teamwork. In sports, you have to work together with other people on a team to be able to have success. Also, teamwork in sports can help you in everyday life because when you are at a job, you are part of a team with coworkers and you have to work together to have success. 


Another major reason sports benefit students is that it builds a community. Being a highschool athlete on a team gives you the opportunity to meet new people at your high school that you may otherwise never meet. Also when you are in sports you have the opportunity to socialize with your friends outside of school and talk about fun things you want to do.  You build new relationships with all different types of people and some of these people will become lifelong friends.  


Being on a sports team is like your own type of family and competition’s give you the opportunity to work together as a team to defeat your opponent. Your teammate’s can impact your life in a positive way by helping you out when you are struggling with something and cheering you on even when you are not doing well in competition. 


Chris Burnside, a Carbondale Community High School Athlete says, “[My teammates] have been supporting and honest through the whole process, we’ve been able to bond and form our own kind family. If you help out your teammates and always try to have a good relationship with them, then being on your sports team will feel like you have a community of friends that you will cherish for the rest of your life.”


One last reason that being an athlete in high school will benefit you is it teaches you life skills and valuable life lessons. For example, sports teach you responsibility,

accountability, character, communication skills and respect. When you are at practice your coach will hold you accountable for your actions by having consequences for you if you did something wrong. This will benefit you because you will learn from your mistakes and you will hold yourself accountable in your everyday life. 


Sports also teach you responsibility because you are responsible for being there everyday and putting your best effort into everything you do. Also your coach will teach you how to be responsible for your stuff by making you do pushups if you leave your stuff somewhere. This will benefit you in your daily life because you will learn how to be responsible for your stuff and not spend hours looking for something important that you will need. 

Sports also teach you how to be respectful of your teammates and your coaches.