Times For The Young Will Tell


A picture of Kevin Stamp & Greg Stamp standing side by side as a form of a representation to old school Photo taken by [Amy Walker].

Generation Z is in the realm of major changes. There will forever be measures taken. We grew up in a time where everything is now different and have advanced over time for various minorities. As well as the progress made overtime with the justice front and everyone having a sense of togetherness.

Amongst other generations, we are both subject to harsh criticism from those who came before us. Some say the younger generation doesn’t take advantage of what’s been given to them. JoBria Duncan, a senior at Carbondale Community High School, says, “When there is a good opportunity, [Gen Z] fumble and mess up something good.” These sentiments are false. 

There are various reasons why our generation is the hard hitting topic to these stereotypes, all of which are unfair. We are more aware of what’s going on in today’s world and with the access of technology we try to make a change worldwide and in a way be heard. Socially, we are acquainted with the creativity of and are self-sufficient. We participate in the world.

The younger Generation talking/ listening to New Artist Melanie Martinez Photo Taken by [Amy Walker]

Gen Z isn’t all how they make us out to be. It is full of go-getters, with many different settings and planning a successful future for ourselves. Older generations often see us as another reason for problems in the world; that has already happened before our time. Most choose to fault us rather than take responsibility. They see our flaws and point them out but it is another reminder telling us we’re doing well. Simply because we are living life as they did. 

I won’t speak for the older generation, but again, I feel as though it would have been so iconic to live life back in the days. We owe the older generation their props for teaching us to make time for what’s important. They know better than most what’s really important in life. Both older and younger generations have been through hard times. Older people are our source of wise words and giving advice dealing with and experiencing life to its fullest potential. 

We can learn a lot from our elders and the younger can learn from the older. We all help the world go round.