Shifting sports


By NiaMarie Collier

Most athletes have one specific sport that they play, and then there’s some athletes like me that like to try new sports and learn new workouts. As a ex basketball player transitioning from basketball to track and field is something very different and new for me. 

Basketball is team sport where you have to work as a team to execute and win a game. Track and field is a team sport but it has individual events that tributes to a team score. As a basketball player I am  used to competing on a court with my teammates being somewhere near but when your on the  track your teammates are on the side lines cheering you on instead of on the track with you. 

When attending track and field practice everybody is constantly moving around weather your a jumper, distance runner or a sprinter. At track practice we work on our form when running and we work on accelerating and being comfortable while we run. 

By NiaMarie  Collier 

 Attending basketball practice is different because the only form that matters is your shooting form, how you run doesn’t really matter as long as you can keep up with your team. Basketball practice also consists of learning plays and if you aren’t one of the top players you have a good chance of standing around all practice but at track practice everybody is active at every moment. 

Another really big difference in the two sports is the mental aspect. When your playing basketball you have to know what your teammates are doing and where they are when your in a game and on the court but when your on the track and it’s time to line up at the start line your by yourself and the only people around you are opponents and your teammates are on the sideline cheering you on.

 When playing basketball your thinking about playing as a team and dominating but when your running track your race is against your opponents and yourself because your constantly pushing to go harder.

I enjoy track a lot more than I enjoyed basketball. I enjoy the different workouts that we do and I also enjoy being able to choose from different events. As of right now my main events are triple and long jump but I’m looking forward to working with the hurdles.