Procedures and Safety Precautions at CCHS


Construction at Walnut St. Entrance being remodeled for better safety measures. Picture taken by [Amy Walker]

Having teachers armed would deter looking for an easy target,  although this doesn’t mean all teachers. Those who do support armed teachers do so partly because society considers the adeptness or proficiency in some tangible way. Training to have a weapon sums up how a target can be hit easily and how fast to re/unload it. I do not doubt that it adeptly measures a certain way for teachers to  have guns or be armed.

It fails to take accountability of the emotional and psychological aspects that comes with being armed or in an active intruder shooting. CCHS has had an agreement with the City of Carbondale and the Carbondale Police Department for about 10 years that provides us with a School Resource Officer (SRO) when school is in session. Officer Dillow serves as our SRO and is the third SRO at Carbondale Community High School. 

An American Flag for the duties of the Nation ORS serves. Picture taken by [Amy Walker]

I will not pretend all the training that goes into being a police officer is extensive , so therefore , I am more comfortable with having a police officer in the building. When there is just more than one person with a firearm , and it’s a police officer Job to do so.

I’ve talked to our faculty and staff, members, and former students about evolution of school security- 20 years ago, it has become common to have cameras in school , 10 years ago was becoming common to have school resource officers in school , 5 years ago it was becoming common to lock most doors, and implemented door buzzer systems , and now, unfortunately , metal detectors will be more common in school. A local school district has already visited CCHS to observe our system as they plan to purchase and implement metal detectors in their school. 

Principal Ryan Thomas states, “ It is unfortunate we feel the need for metal detectors simply because society has forced schools to tighten security”. 

 With every passing incident of gun violence. The need for these measures becomes more real. The safety of  students, faculty. And the staff are extremely serious. When students are at school, they are in care , and responsibilities to ensure a safe environment as possible each day. Our school board approved the Construction of an officer at the Walnut St. entrance. Construction will begin during Spring Break and be completed before the start of next school year. Walnut St. is our primary entrance for visitors, and people are buzzed into the building. Once visitors are buzzed in they enter directly into the hallway that is full of students.

Example of CCHS students in the corner of a Classroom during Intruder lock down drill.
Picture taken by [Amy Walker]

The new officer will serve as a waiting room or drop-off area. If a parent needs to pick a student up , they will enter the office, the student will be called down, and the parent will never fully enter the building. Everything will be done in the office. There will be a limit greatly given by the officer of visitors that enter the building and serve as an additional security measure. SRO are on site everyday , and it is their Job to protect. There is no need for the teachers to be armed or extra weaponry because measures , procedures , and cautions are being taken and things accountable. 

The requirement that all teachers have guns in the school if there were to be such a broad and mass intruder drill is very wrong. Mr. Dollins, a teacher at CCHS, goes into the depth of firearms.

  “The idea to carry for most is supported but to have some form of training, the caveat it would help make up a more safe environment and it’s more of a deterrent than a requirement.”

 If that was the case for a teacher, you’d have to have a failed concealed carry license and undergo mental health checks. Knowing the basics of when you can pull or draw. The fundamentals that you cannot just point and shoot. Teachers who do carry would be better suited especially when going head- to -head.  Self defense plays a big factor in safety. There are many variables in situations. It is a very bad mismatch to have gun on gun.

Daron Absher , a teacher at CCHS says , “Any school that would allow  teachers to carry would need a very comprehensive training program and even with that , I personally don’t think I would.” 

There are benefits to having armed teachers, and they wouldn’t be as prepared as they think they would be.