CCHS Students Create Businesses in the Jackson CEO Program


(Photo taken by Samuel Han. Jasper Stanwood, Carbondale Community Highschool Senior. Deeply listens to information about how to ensure your business can be protected.)

Jackson CEO program is a High School Program that serves as 2 credits and is also accounted for as an early bird and first-hour class. The program is specialized to help young entrepreneurs kick start their careers as business owners. 

Every day, students from Trico, Elverado, Murphyburo, and Carbondale High School meet at Egyptian Electric to begin their early morning as young professionals.

During the first semesters, students in the program work together to make a service, product, or event to become comfortable committed entrepreneurs, but not only do the young professionals learn how to manage a business, but they also go on business trips and to other businesses. On these trips, students get the opportunity to learn from the visiting owners their mistakes/successes and often guest speakers from multiple businesses show up to the programs to come speak and educate young entrepreneurs. 

(Photo taken by Samuel Han. Jackson CEO Students receive a Sponsorship check of $1000 from Country Financial, to help fund the businesses started by the young professionals)

Moving into the second semester, these students are now starting their own individual businesses. With the knowledge, they have been able to gather throughout the first semester, from business visits, guest speakers, and class work they are now entrepreneurs who are responsible to use these skills to start their first businesses.

One of the brilliant entrepreneurs who is currently attending Carbondale Community High School is Jasper Stanwood. This semester, Jasper Stanwood has started a power washing business to keep the buildings around Carbondale clean. 

Although starting a new business may be a struggle, Jasper says, “If you can manage to write a strong business plan and have a thorough understanding of what your goal is. It should come easier to do as you move forward. Starting is always the hardest part”. 

Since there are many problems entrepreneurs face when it comes to starting a new business, students in the Jackson CEO program have to be confident about their plans and fully committed to becoming an entrepreneur. Jasper Stanwood says “The biggest thing starting entrepreneurs need to understand is their financials. Many people start businesses without writing down their financials which can put them at a loss from the start, so having a strong business plan with a backup plan is essential.” 

Before the school year ends, Jackson CEO students all hope to see themselves striving in their own individual businesses. From car detailing, book flipping, vending machines, clothing, and fishing products. These young professionals hope to revitalize the future of Southern Illinois.