Breakfast at Carbondale Community Highschool

Breakfast is often known as the most important meal of the day. Eating good meals in the morning does things like improving your focus and helps lift your mood. But what about the school food? CCHS breakfast is things like cereal bars and muffins. Small things like that don’t really satisfy the person eating it. I feel like the school should do something about the things they serve us. Maybe that would make students want to eat breakfast and have more energy in class.

By Ty’Rez Gails

I used to come to school everyday wanting to see what was for breakfast. Later figuring out they serve us the same things. That wasn’t the only bad part. I would eat muffins and my whole mouth would go dry, or I would eat a cereal bar and check the date and it’s bad. Now I’m in class with a stomach ache not wanting to do anything. They know they could make better food, so why can’t they try? I interviewed Kaylee Anderson and agreed and said she wished there was more variety. People get tired of eating the same thing everyday.