CCHS Basketball Player: Dacarl Payne

the carbondale terriers have kicked off there season and are doing pretty well they have played 8 games already. and let me tell you the off season work these guys have been putting in has payed off there record right now is 4-4but recently on November 21-26 They played there first 4 games in the Roxanne Tournament classic. The terries started of strong but ended up losing a game to advance to the championship. The terriers came back 3-1 out of the tournament and although they lost a game one player stood out the most. Decarl Payne. Decarl is a 6,1 Jr who is currently avg 17.4 pts per game and has been playing varsity since he was a freshman he was also voted for the all tournament award in Roxanna. The skill and the level this kid played at was truly remarkable.