CCHS Improv

Eden Reinier

Improv’s comedic factor can be attributed in part to the fact that nobody, even the actors themselves know what they’re going to say. These spontaneous decisions can lead to hilarious or even slightly weird plot lines. 

You’re probably wondering what they do at practice if they don’t rehearse a script; well, there are many games that they showcase at their performances. An example of this is the game “Baby, If You Love Me,” which entails everyone gathering in a circle with a person in the middle. This person then has to say to someone in the circle, “Baby, if you love me, won’t you please, please smile.” This person then has to respond with, “Baby, I love you but I just can’t smile.” If they smile, they switch places; if they don’t, the person in the center moves on to another person. 

The club has many other fun games like “Miss Judy Dance” and they meet everyone Wednesday in the auditorium to practice them.

“Lot of energy, a lot of the time; it’s a really fun group because we’re kind of all here to be making jokes the entire time just going through improv games one after another. 

Sometimes, it’s too much energy; but I think it’s a really good atmosphere especially when we have auditions coming around. It’s super competitive and everyone’s just kind of nervous, kind of ready and they’re just all raring to go so I think it can get a little loud sometimes, but it is a lot of fun.”