CCHS Bowling Team Rolls in New Coach for the Season

The Carbondale Community High School Bowling Team has been around since 2008, with the first coaches being Ryan Boone and Marty Robinson. The team practices five days a week at the SIU Student Center Bowling and Billiards. In addition to their weekly practices, they also have around two to three meets per week. While the bowling team is divided into boys and girls, they interact and cheer each other on, both at practice and at the meets. Returning senior Brooke Kochel has nothing but good things to say about the bowling team.

“The team as a whole is just all together a really good bond. Bowling is the only sport that I’ve played that both teams cheer each other on.” 

While some of the team members have played in previous seasons, this year, there is a new coach, which has brought some change to the team experience. Coach Stamp is a retired educator, but continues to work as a hall monitor and assistant football coach. This year he has decided to take on the bowling team as well.

“There definitely is some change. The new coach doesn’t know as much as our old one so our upperclassmen are tending to coach the younger people more than the coach is, sometimes. It’s definitely different, Stamp likes to be more fun and upbeat. There’s not as many punishments or anything like that, but it still feels the same, like when Tally was here.”

If you are interested in joining the bowling team, or would like to attend one of their practices, you can reach out to head coach Kevin Stamp at [email protected]