CCHs Black History Club


Knowledge Gayles

Black history group is a great opportunity for others to understand and learn about black cultures, traditions and diversity. Learn more about black history, not just what they teach in books. The group brings people together from all over the school and encourages social interaction.

They hold meetings twice a month after school to prepare for community events, activities, field trips to the museum and for the big extravaganza. The extravaganza is a show held March 2, 2023 where

there’s poetry , dancing, fashion , music and much more. With the help from Matt Willis the black history club organized, practiced hard and beautifully performed in the auditorium at CCHs. The overall goal for the club is to bring people together and educate each other about African American culture. Rasheeda Love the person who runs the group and the extravaganza  said, “The group is open to ANY student not just black students, students who want to learn different cultures , traditions and diversity. If you are interested in joining black history club or just needing more general information they meet twice a month after school or you can contact Ms. Love by her email @[email protected]