CNA Program

CNA Program

The CNA program at Carbondale Community Highschool is a program that allows students to find what field they may want to pursue after they graduate. It helps show students the seriousness of the medical field.

Mrs. Nelson, a teacher at CCHS states that it is a good class to take especially if you are  wanting to go into the medical field. Mrs. Nelson teaches many classes that lean toward the health field, she teaches health occupations which is a class that helps you learn the basics of the medical field, she also teaches CNA and medical terminology.

Mrs. Nelson tells says how there are many advantages to CNA,

“It is a hands on job that you can do in high school…in order to be admitted into allied help fields you must complete about 1,000 hours of patient observation, you have to watch health care workers at work and CNA counts for that while also getting paid for it.”

She states how she loves what she gets to do, growing up she always wanted to be a nurse, what made her want to teach CNA was “seeing the difference a CNA or nurse can make on somebody.” 

A student at CCHS, Jahzara Jackson who is taking the CNA class right now, tells us what CNA is like,

“CNA is like an opportunity to get your career started in the future if you are wanting to do other things such as a traveling nurse, or a doctor. It is a good experience for trying new things and seeing what it’s like to actually be in the medical field.”

Jahzara tells us that she took CNA because she knew that would be her starter point for being a traveling nurse.

Another student at CCHS in the CNA program Karmella Valliant states that she took CNA because she was curious and wanted to learn more about the healthcare field. She says CNA is really interesting, especially learning to be from the doctors or nurse’s perspective.

“It opens your eyes a lot,” she says. 

Katya who is also a student in the CNA program tells us her view on the program.

“CNA is a lot of work but it is worth it.”

She tells us how you have to work to make it but that it pays off in the end.

“You have to be determined in CNA, you can not fall behind.”