Underrated Class at Carbondale Community High School


Picture taken by Eli Guyton. Mr. Moberely helping students with project

Architecture: everyone hears about it, but does anyone know what architects actually do? At CCHS, there are a wide variety of classes, but one of them is architecture taught by Mr. Moberley. It’s a year long class with lots of cool and interesting things to learn. “I have been teaching this class for seven years at Carbondale Community High School. Prior to that, I had taught architectural drafting courses at Harvard for three years,” Mr. Moberley

The typical day in the classroom looks like working on floor plane projects, everyone helps each other because we are all working on the same thing but just different designs. The classroom environment is very electric. Mr. Moberly takes song requests from the students and sometimes the students sing and dance along with the song. Since the class size is small it’s easier to connect with your peers. “The average architectural drafting class size ranges from three students to 10, so the average would be 6.5 students.”

Mr. Moberley loves to connect with his students and gives each student the one on one time that they need. He’s always attentive and makes sure that his students are staying on topic. He loves to crack jokes and make everyone laugh. You can talk to Mr. Moberley about anything. He always listens to your stories and interesting things that are going on in your life.

This class is always looking for new students. If you are interested in architecture, you should talk to your advisor and have them put it on your schedule. There are many career opportunities in architecture like being a floor plan designer, landscape architect, and much more. I enjoy seeing students come up with new architectural designs and plans as well as discussing unique features students have in their own homes.”