School Stereotypes


Students and teachers are faced being stereotyped every day. Stereotypes are an unfair look that you have on a person or a group of people. I feel like stereotypes around the school aren’t being looked into enough. People self-sabotage themselves out of great friendships because of the stereotypes people create. There are many different ways you can stereotype someone.

Kids being stereotyped for the classes they have or the people they hang around all the time. I feel like us people need to pay attention to all stereotypes we put on people. At times when we put stereotypes on people it tends to affect how we treat them. A Lot of people nowadays have a lot going on so try and understand the person for who they are.


Stereotypes play a role when it comes to suicide in some case teens and adults deal or have delt with a situation where they were stereotyped, suicide is the 12th leading death in the U.S. I feel by us trying not to stereotype people it will bring more social interaction between people around the school. So, while you walk in school, understand that you don’t judge a book by its cover, go up to people get a better understanding of who they are and why there like the way they are.