Teenage Terrier Struggle

Don’t you just wish you were a kid again? Without big responsibilities and having to think about your future 90% of the time, teens have a harder time finding themselves now than who they were as children. Society and high expectations set the record for teens nowadays, Generation Z is expected to be mature and responsible, to have good grades and have everything figured out due to resources we have now more than millennials did back then.    


Teenagers are having a hard time reaching out and being heard, things would really change if teens could be heard out and helped and I know that when we do get the help that we need, it will be up to us to use the advice that is given. As a teen myself I feel like we all want to be understood and helped on a deeper level so that we could do great things in our lives and move forward. 

Being a teen is also fun as well, because although we do have big responsibilities we can also spend our free time to our liking, living life like there is no tomorrow. Enjoying each others company and having someone by our side through these tuff school years can also be very helpful. It can also give us time to find out the things we like and new interest to explore the world and people around us.

This school has half of the qualities to help us get through the constant struggles that we face on a daily basis. I feel like this school focuses more on what benefits them more than what benefits the students mental health. although there are some students and teachers who do care and actually want to know how they can and will help.

As a Terrier i want to look Forward to seeing the new changes and positive attitudes throughout the rest of the school year, Because we as a school go through a lot and learn a lot on a daily basis which are good things but as we learn there are also changes happening and some are difficult to adapt to. I want everyone to be happy and cared for as they deserve to.