Carbondale vs Mt. Vernon Homecoming Game

Friday night, September 30th, 2022,. the Carbondale Terriers played the Mt Vernon Rams for their final home game. Also known as the Homecoming game. In the beginning, many had hope for the Terriers as they thought Carbondale Community High School would take the win. There was a lot of tension and emotions about the game considering how this would be the last home game for the Carbondale Terriers. 

Many students from CCHS started to have mixed emotions about the game as it went on. A senior, Jahzara Jackson, who attended the game,  stated, “The Terriers” could have most definitely won if they kept their head in the game more.” She had a lot of hope as we started to score more and get closer and closer to beating them. 

Another senior, Madison Joyce, discussed how she did feel that the players put their all into the game as we were so close to winning.

The game was up and down, and unfortunately, the Terriers did lose. Some students said they did expect it, while others had high hopes for the Terriers. Student of CCHS, Janelle Thompson, shares how she was disappointed in the end and was not happy with the outcome. She claims she had hoped that, “We were going to definitely win this one.” 

Football player of the Terriers, Mason Bell said the Terriers tried their hardest because they knew this game determined if they made it to the playoffs. Mason stated how he felt “proud” of his team for not giving up and making a bounce back even though they felt discouraged. Overall, he was not satisfied with the score, he is proud of his team and the way they played during the game.