Senior Stock of 2022 was hyped up from the start as a super fun free day for all the Seniors to enjoy, people were super excited for Senior Stock, and when the day came, it sadly failed to perform the way people hoped it would. With the #ISurvivedSeniorStock2022 spreading amongst social media, it’s safe to say it was somewhat of a let down. Now the question is what went wrong, and many seniors agree on one main factor.

Ah yes, sadly with the weather restrictions and no one wanting to be in the water due to the cold temperatures, it’s safe to say things didn’t quite go as planned. But even through these there is a silver lining. It was still a fun and memorable experience to have, because even though the waterpark part underperformed, it was still a fun experience getting to be out of school and to just get to have a good time with our peers, and many Seniors can agree.

While Senior Stock 2022 may not have gone as planned, overall we still managed to have a good time.