A Night in Paris

Gabriel Gaston

Carbondale Community High School, on April 30, Had their prom. It was the first held since the beginning of COVID-19. The theme was a night in Paris. Some people were showing up 15 to 20 minutes early in anticipation. The doors opened at 8 p.m. Not many people were on the dance floor in the beginning. After a few songs played and more people came in, the scene got a little livelier. 

When asked how prom went, Ms. Shannon Simmons, teacher and chaperone said,

“I think prom went down really well. I think students enjoyed it. The music selection seemed interesting and popular, and most people got out on the dance floor once that initial hump happened. Like, once students felt comfortable enough, everyone was out there dancing, having a good time. So, I saw a lot of smiling faces“

People continued entering prom throughout the first hour and a half. They had food and drinks for refreshments. You could go and get your prom pictures taken. They had a photo booth where people could put on silly glasses or hats to get their picture taken with a group of friends. Some left before prom court was announced. The announcements happened at 10 o’clock. Overall the event was a huge success.