Goodbye SSR Tuesday

SSR, or silent sustained reading, has come to an end at Carbondale Community High School. For years, the high school has had a slightly different schedule on Tuesdays, taking five minutes away from every class to set aside 30 minutes before 5th hour. This 30 minutes is meant to give students time to read a book, but many teachers allow students to use the time for homework.

For many students, SSR acts as a much needed study hall. Some teachers even look at it like a short prep period. 

Mr. Moberly said he enjoyed SSR, “I thought it was a great opportunity for staff and students alike to take part in reading and just kind of relax a little bit in the middle of the week.”

Next year, SSR will be gone, and Terrier Time will be introduced. The special schedule will be gone, because Terrier Time is every day. 

Mr. Moberly said he would miss SSR but was excited for the new idea, “I think if we can get a school buy-in, if staff and students can all support it, I think it can be a very positive thing.” 

Terrier Time will go into effect when school starts up again in August, time will tell how successful this new idea is.