Pizza Friday: The Backbone of CCHS

For at least the last 4 years, Carbondale Community High School has had Pizza Fridays. What is a pizza Friday? Pizza Fridays are when a club or team sells pizza and sodas at lunch to support their club or team.

A lot of people look forward to pizza Fridays because they have the opportunity to support a club as well as get some tasty pizza. The pizza is a luxury now since CCHS no longer brings in caterers at lunch.

When asked what their feelings were about switching from papa johns to dominoes CCHS student Amira Ruperto said, “Personally I think that switching from papa johns to dominos was the right move because papa john’s pizza, although it’s okay, the sauce is too sweet and it makes the pizza taste unbalanced and it’s just not good.”

Here recently, we have switched from Papa John’s Pizza to Dominos pizza, and I have heard mixed reviews on this matter. I have also heard that we should switch to quatros since it is more of a staple to Carbondale.

“However I feel like the best pizza would be quatros pizza and because this is Carbondale community high school I feel like we should just be supporting local small businesses like quatros  therefore dominoes is also not the best option although it does make more sense because it’s cheaper or whatever.”