Seniors Run Pacer for Last Time


As the school year for seniors comes to a close, those in P.E. have just finished their last round of fitness testing. When the seniors first came in as freshman, they were introduced to testing like Pacer, Sit Up and Push up tests. Throughout the four years, students are expected to grow as they continue to test on and on. 


The fitness level of students is something that is important to schools, which is why they have students participate in these tests. David Mitchell, a senior, has some bittersweet feelings about fitness testing. 


“Honestly, I feel like it’s about time. Like, those tests were always kind of annoying, so it’s actually kind of good to finally be a senior here and be at the last round of testing. And it’s a lot, because they jam everything into a couple of weeks… It’s a good release when you’re done with them.”


One of the most important things about fitness is keeping up with it, even after being done with P.E. 


“I’m going to try to join some sports in my college. I’ll try bowling, maybe some basketball, play in my rec. Some sort of workout. Imma find a way to have fun.”


I wanted to get a teacher’s perspective on testing, so I spoke to Mr. Hansen, P.E. teacher and Soccer coach. 


“We go into body comp, so like height, weight and body composition, so you see these kids come in as a freshman, you know 5’3”, 5’4”, maybe with some extra body fat on them, but they lean out, it’s just the way the human body works. 


“When you leave High School, you may get into a situation where people aren’t telling you to work out, so we’ve always tried, you know when we do choice cardio days we try to give kids the option to do things, so those may be activities that they do when they get out of school. 


While seniors start to move on into the summer and on their different paths, they are surely glad that they are finally done with fitness testing.