Underrated Art Mediums

There are endless possibilities when it comes to art.  A fine line exists between what is and is not art.  The typical art forms include painting, ceramics, drawing, and all that falls in between.  However, there are many other forms of art including culinary arts, textiles, poetry, writing, film, sound, dance, and music.  These forms of art are not often represented as art mediums but they often play very important roles in the world of Fine Arts. 

On a college level these types of arts are recognized and celebrated.  It isn’t very often that people even consider these “hobbies” or skills to be art until they pursue higher education or have certain experiences.  Jennifer Kennedy, Art educator at Carbondale Community High School shares her thoughts on when people start to appreciate art.

“I think people start appreciating art when they’re little, when they’re like born. Because art is about curiosity and if you watch a toddler and how curious they are about everything that they touch and see and they taste.  That’s the beginning of it.”

She continues to discuss when people recognize non typical art forms. “I don’t know that they always do. I think that people who are familiar with art, or have learned anything about art as early as middle school could start recognizing that, but I think that are people who go through their whole lives and don’t recognize [different art mediums].”

In the world of Fine Art, everything is an accumulation of different possibilities and experiences.  If you keep an open mind, these various types of art that exist typically unbeknownst to the general public can begin to be appreciated and recognized.