Sarah Sugary Treats

Sarah Brunson is a senior at Carbondale Community Highschool. She is running a business, Sarah’s Sugary Treatz. She has been in the business since September of 2020, she began in the peak of COVID. A hard time for employers everywhere, small businesses especially. Yet, she’s maintained it. 

Cooking/baking runs in Sarah’s family. It has been something she has done for years previous to making it a business and even before that she watched her mother and even grandmother bake/cook for their family for years on in. 

Sarah has faced a few bumps in the road, one being starting in the midst of covid. But yet, she prevailed. And now, I make countless orders a week. An even began looking for ambassadors for her business! Satisfying everyone’s needs for Sarah’s Sugary Treatz!

“I started my business because my grandfather always had a love for cooking and baking. He actually passed away in 2020 so I decided in memory of him that I wanted to start my own baking business. Because of him, and because I have a big sweet tooth. 

“I plan to expand it even further. I was thinking about a food truck, like a pop up shop and I just go around to different places. I’ve also thought about having my own building or shop somewhere”

“My grandfather passed away during covid, right at the peaks. Having a business and dealing with that as well as being eligible for being a food handler was hard. But everyone was generous.”