CCHS Spirit Weeks

Before every major school event like prom or homecoming, Carbondale Community High School has a spirit week. Spirit weeks consist of students dressing up to a theme that changes every day.

The spirit weeks make the week before a fun event even more fun. It’s hard to not have fun when you get to wear silly outfits for a week.

A consistent theme is pajama day and class color day, a lot of the other days tend to change throughout the year. In the past, we have had toga day, country vs country club, and pink out.

Matthew Nadolski, a senior at CCHS, loves to dress up for spirit weeks.

“I love spirit weeks, I think they are a lot of fun. They bring a lot of livelihood to the school, brings a lot of special outfits. Most people are pretty boring most of the time. That’s fair, I’m pretty boring too. Spirit week really makes people think about what they’re wearing. They dress up sometimes, like country vs country club. I like that, I like wearing my country shirt, my boots, my hat maybe.”