Museums! Museums! Museums!


George Boyer Vashon Museum Sign

Recently the Black History Club took a trip to St. Louis to visit George B. Vashon Museum located on the millionaires row where at one point black people weren’t allowed to walk on the street. The museums shows the history of slavery in St. Louis and the Vashon family history also how artifacts are from black doctors, nurses, educators and more.

They also showed the “Wall of The Unknown” which show people in time who were a part of the difference but no one knew about it were on display. The second museum was a wax museum and was very interactive. There were videos, questions to be answered and more.

Black History Club on their trip

The point of this club is for students of color to have a safe place somewhere they can talk about their struggles and the things they go through while in high school. They are also very big on learning about their history and their past and some of the people who got them to where they are today.

The reason behind the trip was to educate the students in the club. They had previously done the black history extravaganza and this was like a celebration trip. They plan on continuing this and making it bigger and better each year.

They have plans in the works for the next extravaganza and end of the year trip. One of the sponsors, Kameilah Amayah-Allen stated that “We want to do these things for the students to understand because it’s hard to know who you are if you don’t know where you’ve come from.”