Should Students be forced to stand for the Pledge?

Here at Carbondale Community Highschool principal Ryan Thomas gives announcement’s each morning about information throughout the school day and week. This includes saying the pledge of allegiance every morning before he gives any other announcements.

Many might say that saying the pledge shows some sort of patriotism. The pledge of allegiance is supposed to be a promise to oneself that we will stay loyal to our country and respect the fact that there are people who died fighting for our country. 

Although as an American Citizen and the fact that Carbondale Community Highschool is  public school, students have the protection from our first amendment if they choose to not stand for the pledge of allegiance. 

Asking students how they feel about being forced to stand for the pledge Shawna Childs stated “it feels old school/outdated in the times we live in now, and she feels it goes against her first amendment rights to stand even if she makes the choice to stand up or not”. She also stated on the first day of second semester in Mrs. In Mcgee’s class she was told “ Please stand for the pledge, it’s not a question it’s a demand”. 

Following up interviewing with how teachers felt about their students standing up for the pledge of allegiance first interviewed was Mrs. Mcgee “all of my students in my first hour stand for the pledge, but I don’t say anything if they choose not to, I say the pledge because it means something important to me.”