Seniors Vs Juniors


2022 Prom Flyer

The pandemic has shaken up a lot of things these past few years. As The senior class of 2022 we didn’t receive the normal high school experience. From having our sophomore year cut short, to doing school completely online, then coming back in person with a mask has been a rollercoaster. 

Sophomore year started off normal but as we got closer to spring break Covid became a widespread thing. Originally they thought we might just be off for an extra week then go back but the date only got pushed further and further back. Although we didn’t take finals that year we received pass or fail grades for the last semester. A Lot of people’s grades suffered from having that year cut short. 

Junior year we missed out on a lot of things. Sport Events were all messed up due to Covid guidelines. A Lot of sports were pushed back, cut short or weren’t allowed to have fans. Learning completely online was not very effective. It’s hard to sit and stare at a computer screen and listen to long lectures everyday. That year there was no Homecoming or Prom.

King and Queen from the last prom(2019)

Although Prom has always been a junior event I feel this year it should have been equally about the juniors and seniors. Considering the fact that the senior class didn’t have one last year we should have been included in the decisions made about the prom. I get that the last class didn’t get one at all but this isn’t about them. This is our first and last prom and not only did we not get the chance to run for prom queen and king but we weren’t even allowed to have a say so in our prom shirts. Overall they should’ve made an effort to make sure the seniors were included in some way.