Tis The Season-Terrier Fest 2021

For five years Terrier Fest has been the most wonderful tome of year for CCHS students. The student body works hard to keep their attendance

and grades up to participate in this event.

Brandi Jones, “What is involved with putting Terrier Fest Together?”

Students who have yet to participate in Terrier Fest are very eager and excited for what has yet to come.

Noah Marseglia, “What are you looking forward to going into Terrier Fest?”

Terrier Fest is a reward for students who have five or less referrals, 85% attendance, no more than once ISS, no OSS and no Social Suspension. This is a way to motivate students and encourage them to work hard throughout the entire semester.

Terrier fest is a fun way for students to blow off some steam from the stressful semester. Students get a fun snack and drink and many activities such as Jenga, basketball, and volleyball.

Mitchell Brown, “How has your experience been at Terrier Fest?”