CCHS Fitness Exams

Nathan Torres

As the semester is winding down, the physical education department began fitness exams. At the beginning and end of each semester, students have to complete multiple fitness exams showing growth over the semester. Some activities in the exam include, curl ups, push ups, sit and reach, the pacer.

“ We do fitness testing both pre and post testing each semester. One we do it so kids can set goals and see what kind of improvements they make throughout the semester. Also we are required by the state to give the fitness test and we have to turn in information to the state at the end of the year”

Due to Covid-19 many students are very new to the fitness exams. For freshman Koty Miller, the fitness exams are to show results.

“I think the fitness exams are for us to show if we have improved or not in our physical ability both in our flexibility and strength wise. That’s why we take them at the end of every semester and before to see the before and after results”

Once the students have completed their exams, they have the rest of the hour to do something exercise related. Many students rush to cart containing basketballs, volleyball, and soccer balls. Some students enjoy playing other activities like badminton.

“Yeah I’d say I enjoy the fitness testing days because afterwards, it’s free time so I just get time to play basketball which is what I like to do”

While most students enjoy fitness exams because there are a lot of activities after, the majority of them dread the pacer due to the amount of running. On the other hand, most teacher dislike thee curl ups.

“My least favorite one is probably the curl ups and sit ups because I have to listen to ‘Up, down’ all day long and I think I go home and have nightmares”

Overall, the fitness exams are a great way to end the semester because it is a great way for the students to relax and show growth.